Farmhouse decor trends you’ll be seeing in 2022

Farmhouse decor trends you’ll be seeing in 2022

Who isn’t up for a home makeover? Spring is almost here, which means you're probably planning a major cleanup and possibly a redesign. The farmhouse trend has exploded in popularity in recent years and it's not going away in 2022, so here are some new farmhouse trends to try this year.

Use metal accents in your farmhouse kitchen

1. Mixing metals in the kitchen

Mixing different types of metals is a must in 2022 if you are thinking of changing up some features in your kitchen. What type of metals works best together? All combinations work beautifully. You can mix stainless steel, brass, and black metals to create a stunning aesthetic. Gold and black is also a beautiful combination to look into for this trend.

You don’t need to change your whole kitchen appliances if you want to jump into this trend. Small metal accents will bring a nice touch, without costing you an arm and a leg. Here are some ideas for your new kitchen makeover.

Do you want to spice up your kitchen with some metal accents? We recommend that you have a look at these metal decorations as well as our other kitchen decor.

Every farmhouse kitchen needs its wooden accessories

2. Wood decor

What is a farmhouse decor without wood accents? Incorporating wood in a space always looks beautiful. There is no need to purchase new expensive furniture, you can try this trend by simply adding small wooden decorations. It will definitely give your home a whole new look!

Need more storage? This wood rack with metal baskets is perfect if you need better organization in the kitchen. This rattan lamp is also a great lighting addition to any room.

Check out our whole collection of wooden decor here.

Vintage-style wooden wall art representing seagulls by the sea

3. Antique wall art

Changing your wall decor is a simple way to freshen up your space with little to no work. Antique art looks beautiful in any room and it’s timeless! Anything from rustic farmhouse wall decor to more modern art would look fantastic. Need inspiration? Here are a few ideas below!

To shop the canvas print in the image above : Seagulls at large canvas print

These leaf prints will complement any color scheme because of its neutral colors.

You also can’t go wrong with a bird wall art to blend in with your farmhouse decor. Check out these beautiful bird wall art.

Check out our entire collection of wall art here.

Boho-chic decorations to add in your farmhouse-style decor

4. Boho-chic decor

Who'd have guessed that the bohemian style would go so nicely with rustic farmhouse decor? The farmhouse decor style prioritizes practicality and has mostly rustic elements, whereas the boho-chic style features modern comfort. When you combine both, it results in a decor that's both stylish and comfortable. 

Thinking about including boho elements in your home? If you like this trend, you could include either small macrame wall art, hanging planters or even a hanging macrame chair to your kitchen.

Need more inspiration? You’ll find a huge collection of farmhouse and boho-chic decor on our website and in-store.  

Farmhouse style pots, vases ans planters from My Home Decor

5. Plants in Rustic Planters 

Plants can add so much character to a room. They can be placed almost anywhere and will always bring life to your home. There are so many unique ways to accentuate your indoor space with them. You can fill an empty corner with a hanging planter, decorate your shelves or bookshelves with them or even add them to your bathroom decor.

Planters and pottery can be used for both interior and outdoor decor. For exterior decorating, ceramic, terracotta and cement planters always look beautiful on a porch. Old galvanized buckets also make the best rustic planters.

Looking for unique planters and pottery? This neutral colored planter and this hanging beige planter are simply stunning.

Need more ideas? Check out all of our planter collection here.

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