Let the summer begin: Tips for a refreshing interior 

Let the summer begin: Tips for a refreshing interior 

Summer is finally here, and it's the perfect time to give your home a refreshingly summery feel. Whether you're going for a seaside, tropical or bohemian setting, here are a few ideas for creating a summer look right inside your home. You'll see, rainy days will be much more pleasant in a house with a summer feel!

Dare to use color to add freshness to your interior design

Choose colors like turquoise, coral, lemon yellow or mint green for your decorative accessories. Colorful cushions, light rugs or floral curtains also add a lively touch to your interior. For even more originality, you can also mix these different colors and patterns!

summer is here and you want the best outdoot decoration to celebrate with friends

Naturally elegant: Indoor plants and natural materials

Indoor plants are essential for recreating the natural ambience that summer offers outdoors. They bring greenery and freshness to your spaces! The secret also lies in the choice of pots. As well as showcasing your plants, they add a sophisticated, decorative touch to your décor! Dare to choose pots of different sizes, shapes and colors to match your interior decor.

For a summer interior look, natural materials are also a must. Wicker baskets, bonded tablecloths, cushions or natural-fiber rugs add a light, warm touch.


Patterns are everything 

Summer is the perfect season for floral and tropical patterns. You can incorporate these patterns on your cushions, curtains, tablecloth or even on an accent wall for a more personal touch. Now all that's left to do is light a floral-scented candle to enjoy your new summer decor! 

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Have a great summer!