Make your dream campsite a reality with

Make your dream campsite a reality with

The campfire's crackling and the marshmallows are slowly melting! That means the camping season is still in full swing, and there's still time to spruce up your outdoor space! Whether you're a traditional lover of the great outdoors or a glamping enthusiast, Ma Boutique Déco has everything you need to transform your grounds into a haven of comfort and style, enough to make your camping neighbors a little jealous.

Enjoy summer in the outdoor lounge area 

Our selection of camping accessories and decorations will help you create a stylish lounge area right on your campsite. With our metal or wooden patio sets and outdoor cushions, you'll be able to create a warm and inviting space. In a previous blog, we showed you how to transform your backyard and front porch, now it's time to decorate your camping space. Summer is the perfect season to enjoy nature while optimizing your outdoor living space.  Afterwards, you can admire your newly-decorated grounds from the comfort of your hanging hammock.

Everything you need to enjoy your outdoor campsite from the patio set, to hammock to cozy cushion.

Extend your outdoor evenings 

Just because you're on a camping trip doesn't mean you have to give up style! Our retro-look decorative lanterns are both beautiful and practical. Hang them near your trailer or tent to instantly create a convivial atmosphere, perfect for spending evenings outdoors. What's more, our lanterns come with practical features such as rechargeable LED lights, offering both aesthetics and utility.

The blanket is also your best ally for keeping warm around the fire or on cooler evenings! In our boutique, we have several models that are made from quality, weather-resistant materials.

Extend your the outdoor hours at the camping site with LED vintage lanterns, candles and throws.


Cleaning first! 

Camping means adventures in nature! One of the often overlooked, but incredibly useful accessories to enhance your experience is an outdoor mat. By placing it at your doorway, you can dramatically reduce the amount of dirt, sand and mud brought indoors. Not only aesthetically pleasing, it's practical too!

Cooking in the great outdoors

Food lovers will be delighted to learn that it's perfectly possible to concoct delicious meals, even in the middle of nature. For the best culinary experience on your nature getaway, start by setting up a comfortable patio set with pretty cushions and a colorful tablecloth, providing a convivial space to prepare your dishes in complete relaxation. 

Don't forget to bring along utensils specially designed for outdoor use, as their sturdiness and practicality will make life easier while you prepare your meals. Bamboo mugs are ideal for camping, as they are lightweight and durable. A sturdy, functional cutting board is also an essential accessory for safely slicing your ingredients.

The wall-mounted bottle opener is a practical and clever accessory for opening your bottles outdoors. It will always be hanging near your campsite to accompany your moments of relaxation and festivity! It's also the perfect gift to surprise your father on his birthday

So, whether you're an amateur cook or a passionate outdoor gourmet, don't let camping deprive you of your culinary pleasures. Bon appétit!

Enjoy your camping outdoor kitchen in style with My Home Decor summer essentials.

A touch of fantasy 

With a few well-chosen decorative elements, you can transform your campsite into an inviting and original place. With our brightly colored decorative flags, you can add an artistic and personalized touch to your outdoor camp. You can also add a small birdhouse or bird bath for a rustic touch. For even more whimsy, opt for playful little gnomes. Flowerpots are also a great way to bring life and color to your camp.

Your camping outdoor oasis is right in front of your door this summer !

With My Home Decor, you have the opportunity to create a camping space that will transform your outdoor getaway into a most enjoyable experience. Discover our camping collection today and prepare for your outdoor adventures in style and comfort.